Law Offices of Dan A. Atkerson

Law Offices of Dan A. Atkerson


Employment Law and the Right to Privacy

Right to privacy laws are hotly debated in workplace lawsuits and employment litigation. An attorney can help you hold employers accountable.

Dan Atkerson May 22, 2019

Texas Minimum Wage and Overtime Laws

Violations of Texas minimum wage and overtime laws should never be tolerated. Our employment law attorneys covers these state and federal statutes.

Dan Atkerson May 08, 2019

Texas Employment Law and When You Should Expect Your Final Paycheck

Under Texas employment law, a final paycheck must be provided within a specified time frame. Attorney Dan Atkerson explains this law and how it can…

Dan Atkerson Apr 22, 2019

Texas Meal and Rest Break Rules

There are federal laws regarding meals and breaks that apply to all Texas-based workers and employers. Our employment law attorneys cover these rules.

Dan Atkerson Mar 22, 2019

Layoffs and Age Discrimination

Federal and state laws protect workers from age-based firings. Age discrimination lawyer Dan A. Atkerson can protect your rights if you were laid off.

Dan Atkerson Feb 25, 2019

Workplace Discrimination and Low Compensation

Low wages, lack of raises, and poor compensation could be signs of workplace discrimination. Our worker’s rights law firm can help hold your employer accountable.

Dan Atkerson Feb 08, 2019

Determining the Value of Your Employment Law Claim

The value of your employment law claim is determine by numerous factors. A workplace discrimination and wrongful termination lawyer can help you seek damages.

Dan Atkerson Jan 22, 2019

Employment Law Statutes of Limitations

There are different statutes of limitations and filing deadlines for employment law matters. An attorney can help with workplace discrimination and termination claims.

Dan Atkerson Jan 15, 2019

Who Is Liable in a Sexual Discrimination Case?

If your employer takes no action after sexual harassment and discrimination complaints at your workplace, they can be held liable for creating a hostile work…

Dan Atkerson Jan 03, 2019

Age Discrimination and Burden of Proof

Victims of age discrimination often find the burden of proof to be daunting. Attorney Dan A. Atkerson is here to help.

Dan Atkerson Oct 19, 2018

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