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What Caused the Dallas Police Pension Fund Debacle?

In case you missed it, The Dallas public pension system, which supports pension funds for policemen and firemen,…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jan 30, 2017

What are Some Examples of Pregnancy Discrimination?

One of the fastest growing types of discrimination charges being filed are those of pregnancy claims. It is…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jan 25, 2017

Pension Fund Could Run Out Even Sooner Than Expected


A new “DROP” plan approved by the board recently could cause the Dallas public pension to run out of money in as little as five…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jan 25, 2017

What Questions Should You Ask Potential Employment Attorneys?

Photo of a man and a woman at workNo matter what is prompting you to seek the…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jan 23, 2017

Is Obesity a Disability According to Workplace Discrimination Law?

Some employers take one look at an overweight person and assume he cannot do his job. This is…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jan 18, 2017

How do Microaggressions Impact Employment Discrimination Cases?

What are Microaggressions? You may not have heard of microaggressions, but you have certainly heard them. Examples of microaggressions…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jan 16, 2017

Can You Get Unemployment Benefits During FMLA Leave?

Can a person simultaneously be on FMLA leave and claim unemployment? While the answer may seem obvious, the…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jan 11, 2017

The Bathroom Bill That Could Cost the State of Texas Billions

The Texas Legislature convenes only once every two years for a maximum of 140 days. Texas is one…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jan 04, 2017

Discrimination: The Inequality Problem That Affects Us All

Everyone is protected from discrimination. But what if the claim of discrimination is coming from the least likely…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jan 02, 2017

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