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College Sports Rife With Gender Discrimination

A series of lawsuits over the course of the last decade suggest that gender discrimination is a prominent issue for female coaches at the college…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Apr 29, 2015

Texas Businesses Say No to LGBT Discrimination by Lawmakers

Following the recent onslaught of proposed legislation targeting LGBT protections in Texas, several big businesses – among them, Dell Inc., Southwest Airlines Inc. and upwards…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Apr 27, 2015

Should Texas Employers Ban the Box?

Should Texas join the burgeoning movement, known as “Ban the Box,” that would prevent employers from asking potential employees about their criminal conviction history?

The movement…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Apr 24, 2015

Cancer Sufferer Sues Texas Company for Wrongful Termination

A Houston man has filed a lawsuit against his employer, Lyondell Chemical Co., after the company allegedly failed to accommodate his disability during his 2012…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Apr 22, 2015

Proposed Laws Would Strip Local LGBT Employee Protections in Texas

Last week we discussed non-discrimination ordinances (NDOs) and how they can impact workers’ rights, especially for classes of workers like the LGBT community that are…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Apr 20, 2015

How Do I File a Sexual Harassment Complaint?

A 2014 study of sex-based workplace harassment charges found that Texas had the highest rate of complaints filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Apr 17, 2015

What Kind of Evidence Can I Provide in a Pregnancy Discrimination Case?

A Houston nurse is filing a lawsuit against Gillar Home Health Care after she claims to have been wrongfully terminated due to pregnancy discrimination.

According to…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Apr 15, 2015

AT&T Sued for Gender Identity Discrimination

Not every state offers protections for certain classes of employees. Transgender employees in particular must often look to local ordinances to fight discrimination in the…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Apr 13, 2015

Disability Discrimination and Wrongful Termination

Disability should never be used as an excuse to fire an employee. That is why we have the Americans with Disabilities Act. One Flint, Texas…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Apr 10, 2015

Supreme Court Gives Second Chance in Pregnancy Discrimination Case

The United States Supreme Court has resurrected the case of Peggy Young, a former UPS driver who claimed to have suffered workplace discrimination during her…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Apr 08, 2015

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