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Proving Workplace Retaliation (and How a Lawyer Can Help)

Learn how to prove workplace retaliation and how an employment attorney can help you obtain fair conpensation for your case.

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Aug 31, 2023

Do I Have a Workplace Retaliation Case?

Employment law attorney Dan A. Atkerson helps people determine if they have a workplace retaliation case after reporting illegal or discriminatory conduct.

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jun 16, 2023

Workplace Retaliation and Poor Performance Reviews

Poor performance reviews can be used as a form of employer retaliation. Workplace harassment attorney Dan A. Atkerson discusses your legal options.

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Aug 22, 2019

Workplace Retaliation and Demotions

Attorney Dan A. Atkerson can seek financial compensation for victims of workplace retaliation involving demotions.

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Aug 07, 2019

Is a Liquidated Damages Clause Enforceable in an Employment Agreement?

Liquidated damages in employment agreementIs a liquidated damages clause of $500,000, entered against a person terminated under…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Mar 13, 2017

Does this Prestigious University Have a Racial Discrimination Problem?

Photo of woman on phone walking down a hallwayAn Indian-American PhD candidate at the University of Chicago…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Nov 21, 2016

This Texas Worker Accused His CEO of Assault in the Workplace

Director yelling at the assistantA Houston worker is accusing his CEO of assault in the workplace. The…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Oct 05, 2016

What Are Some Examples of Workplace Retaliation?

Hard business decisionOne of the many problems with sexual harassment, unsafe work environments, or any other employment…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Aug 17, 2016

What If I Get Fired for Making a Complaint About Safety Violations to OSHA?

Engineer Showing Apprentice How to Use Drill In FactoryAs an employee, your safety should be on the top…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jun 27, 2016

How Do You Know If an Employer is Committing Workplace Retaliation?

Image of faces of business people with boss in frontMany people likely know that there are laws…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jun 13, 2016

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