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Nurse Wins Huge Case in Fight Against Workplace Bullying

A Dallas area woman has recently won a settlement in her case against workplace bullying.

Back in in 2011, Patricia Hahn, a 60-year-old nurse working at…

Dan Atkerson Aug 31, 2016

Is Pregnancy Discrimination a Problem at Chipotle?

Back in 2011, a woman in Washington D.C. brought a pregnancy discrimination case against Chipotle, claiming that her former manager had fired her for being…

Dan Atkerson Aug 29, 2016

Are Banks Practicing Maternity Discrimination?

Employer discrimination against new mothers is an old issue in this country, but one woman is facing a different kind of maternity discrimination while on…

Dan Atkerson Aug 24, 2016

Most Women in Advertising Have Faced Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace can be a serious obstacle to a healthy business community. Everyone deserves to feel safe and respected in their workplace,…

Dan Atkerson Aug 22, 2016

What Are Some Examples of Workplace Retaliation?

One of the many problems with sexual harassment, unsafe work environments, or any other employment law issue is that if you complain, you could also…

Dan Atkerson Aug 17, 2016

Did This Dallas Home Health Company Commit Pregnancy Discrimination?

Your Home Health LLC in Dallas has agreed to pay a former employee $20,000 in reparations for committing pregnancy discrimination. The company has also agreed…

Dan Atkerson Aug 15, 2016

Does the Federal Law Prohibit Religious Discrimination Against Atheists?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from making employment decisions based on a person’s religious beliefs. To take negative action against an employee…

Dan Atkerson Aug 10, 2016

Judge Awards Shocking Amount to Plaintiffs in Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Case

A federal judge overseeing the sexual harassment and retaliation case against Z Foods, Inc. recently ordered the company to pay $1,470,000 to the plaintiffs. Z…

Dan Atkerson Aug 08, 2016

Can My Boss Stop Me from Wearing Religious Clothing at Work?

Religious discrimination continues to be a serious issue within our country. Workplace discrimination based on your religion can be hugely detrimental to you, since it…

Dan Atkerson Aug 03, 2016

Is Rent-A-Center Guilty of Sex Discrimination?

Rent-A-Center is a nationwide company that provides thousands of people with access to furniture, computers, and appliances. The company has been called a welcomed alternative…

Dan Atkerson Aug 01, 2016

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