Did This Dallas Home Health Company Commit Pregnancy Discrimination? By Dan Atkerson on August 15, 2016

Pregnant workerYour Home Health LLC in Dallas has agreed to pay a former employee $20,000 in reparations for committing pregnancy discrimination. The company has also agreed to write in a policy prohibiting pregnancy discrimination and to provide in-depth training on workplace discrimination for its employees.

After a former employee informed her supervisors that she was pregnant, she was asked to get a doctor’s note. Despite already having confirmation from her doctor that she was okay to continue working, she went back for a note. Only minutes after giving managers the note they requested, she was wrongfully terminated.

According to the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, it is illegal for an employer to discriminate against a female employee for pregnancy. It is also illegal to discriminate based on the possibility that she may become pregnant. The actions of Your Health Team appear to violate of the law.

After trying to reach a pre-trial settlement, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed its lawsuit on behalf of the former employee. After a short litigation period, the Dallas company agreed to settle for the $20,000 mentioned earlier, as well as other unspecified relief.

It’s unfortunate that even a company in the healthcare industry could commit pregnancy discrimination. It shows just how much of a common issue it is in the US. Pregnancy discrimination affects thousands of women every day, barring them from finding and/or maintaining gainful employment when they need it the most.

What Can I Do About Pregnancy Discrimination?

The best way to fight back against workplace discrimination is to prevent it from happening at all. Educate yourself and your coworkers on what constitutes discrimination. If you or a coworker is being discriminated against, file a complaint with HR and explore your options.

Dallas employment law attorney Dan A. Atkerson has advocated for workplace equality for many years, and continues to win cases on behalf of his clients so that they can take back the respect they deserve.

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