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What If Your Employer Spreads Lies About You?

Posted on June 21, 2017 by Atkerson Law

Some employers or co-workers may have something against you, or may just be crazy, so they will spread lies about you. Whether it is at your current job, or from a reference from a former employer, a hurtful lie that damages your reputation can cause much suffering. Not only psychological suffering, but financial as well. When someone spreads hurtful misinformation about you to a third-party, it is known as defamation. What Are the Two Types of Defamation? Libel: Recorded or written lies that damage someone’s image. Tangible documents like Phone conversations and emails. Slander: Verbally spoken lies to another co-worker or other party. For defamation to be illegal, it needs to be more severe than a schoolyard rumor. The damage to someone’s reputation needs to have caused serious personal or monetary damages. In many cases, it needs to be proven that another employer didn’t hire you because of the defamation….
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Uber Fires 20 Employees Following a Sexual Assault Investigation

Posted on June 19, 2017 by Atkerson Law

Recently, Uber has received many allegations including sexual assault, wage theft, and spying on competitors. Following a lengthy internal investigation into over 200 sexual assault and other workplace misconduct claims, Uber has fired 20 employees who were allegedly involved in illegal discriminatory activities. 40 additional employees were ordered to take additional counseling and training. This case sheds more light onto a tech startup industry that has developed a reputation for catering more towards male talent than female. Uber is now conducting a company-wide culture reform to remedy the issue. When Does a Male-Dominated Environment Become Illegal? Inappropriate requests: When male bosses ask female employees to do more work than males, or ask for sexual favors in return for promotions or the promise of keeping their jobs. Women withheld from top positions: If you notice that women do not get promoted at your company, or lesser qualified men are getting those…
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Reintroduction of the Employee Rights Act

Posted on June 14, 2017 by Atkerson Law

Tennessee House Representative Phil Roe has recently reintroduced the Employee Rights Act (ERA). This act protects employees from abusive union leadership powers. The ability for union employees to elect their representation is currently limited. Reportedly around 10 percent of union employees picked the union that represents them. The ERA introduces the ability to for employees to reassess union leadership and elect new representation. Once union leadership is selected for employees, there is not much room to change who is representing you. This act would also disallow unions from spending member money on political advocacy without member approval. Rights to Start a Union in the Workplace The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) enacted in 1935, encourages collective bargaining and protects unionizing activities in the workplace. Under this act, employees are given the following rights: Forming a new union or joining a union Assisting a union to organize fellow employees Be fairly…
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