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A Co-Worker Sent Me an Inappropriate Message: What Should I Do?

Did you receive an inappropriate text or Slack message from a co-worker? Here are some tips on how to handle this issue and if you…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jun 12, 2024

How to Recognize Subtle Forms of Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

Sexual harassment isn't always easy to spot. Here are examples of misconduct that often go unnoticed at North Texas workplaces. Speak with an employment lawyer…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on May 31, 2024

What Are Some Examples of Reasonable Accommodation at the Workplace?

Reasonable accommodations at work can apply to workers with disabilities, medical conditions, or certain religious practices. Let’s offer some examples to help understand if you’ve…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on May 14, 2024

What to Do If You Are Punished or Fired for Taking Sick Leave

Workplace retaliation can take many forms, including being fired or passed over for a promotion. If you are wondering what to do if you are…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Apr 30, 2024

I Think My Child's Job Violated Child Labor Laws: What Can I Do?

Employers who violate child labor laws put young employees at risk and should be stopped. Employment law attorney Dan A. Atkerson can help. 

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Apr 15, 2024

Can I Be Punished at Work or Fired for Going on Strike in Texas?

Labor strike activity rose by 280% in 2023. If your company fired or punished you for a union-related work stoppage, contact my law office to…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Mar 21, 2024

Did You Witness Workplace Misconduct? Here's What You Can Do to Help

Witnesses to workplace misconduct may be unsure about how to help. Here, attorney Dan A. Atkerson offers tips if you see discrimination or harassment at…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Mar 14, 2024

I'm Bullied at Work for Being Trans: What Should I Do?

If you are bullied at work for being trans or non-binary, an employment lawyer can help. We assist gender non-conforming and LGBTQIA+ Texans in getting…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Feb 29, 2024

Signs of a Toxic Company Culture: How to Recognize a Hostile Workplace

A toxic workplace or company culture can normalize harassment and bullying. Look over these warning signs and know that you can take action to change…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Feb 12, 2024

5 Subtle Signs You Are Being Mistreated at Work

Employment attorney Dan Atkerson discusses some of the less-noticeable signs that you are being retaliated against for raising complaints in the workplace.

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jan 30, 2024

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