Law Offices of Dan A. Atkerson

Law Offices of Dan A. Atkerson


Top Reasons for Getting Fired

Employment law attorney Dan A. Atkerson discusses the most common reasons that employers give for firing their workers.

Dan Atkerson Aug 24, 2020

Wrongful Termination and Retaliation

Employment law attorney Dan A. Atkerson helps clients explore their right to financial compensation after being wrongfully terminated as an act of retaliation.

Dan Atkerson Jul 07, 2020

Wrongful Termination and False Accusations

False allegations and rumors at your workplace can lead to wrongful termination. The team at the Law Offices of Dan A. Atkerson discuss the issue.

Dan Atkerson Sep 22, 2019

How to File a Wrongful Termination Lawsuit

If you have been wrongfully discharged, the Law Offices of Dan A. Atkerson will help you file a lawsuit and hold your former employer accountable.

Dan Atkerson Jun 22, 2019

Wrongful Termination after a Work-related Injury

Attorney Dan Atkerson helps clients recover damages when wrongfully terminated after a work-related injury. Find out how he can help you.

Dan Atkerson Apr 07, 2019

Severance Pay after Wrongful Termination: Does it Limit Your Options?

Attorney Dan A. Atkerson explains how accepting severance pay can affect a wrongful termination claim.

Dan Atkerson Mar 10, 2019

Termination While on FMLA Leave

Employees who have been terminated while on FMLA leave can work with attorney Dan A. Atkerson to seek compensation for damages.

Dan Atkerson Dec 20, 2018

Wrongful Termination and At Will Employment

An employment law attorney can offer legal assistance to victims of wrongful termination, even if they are on an at will employment contract.

Dan Atkerson Nov 19, 2018

Can You Get Fired Without Notice?

People often wonder if they can be fired without notice. At-will employment allows companies to fire workers suddenly, yet there could be wrongful termination involved.

Dan Atkerson Sep 24, 2018

Do I Need an Employment Lawyer?

You may need an employment lawyer if you have been wrongfully fired from a job or suffered workplace discrimination. A Dallas and Carrollton, TX attorney…

Dan Atkerson Aug 16, 2018

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