Is Rent-A-Center Guilty of Sex Discrimination? By Dan Atkerson on August 01, 2016

Male Female SymbolsRent-A-Center is a nationwide company that provides thousands of people with access to furniture, computers, and appliances. The company has been called a welcomed alternative to purchasing expensive household items at cost. However, if recent allegations are true, the company may not be so welcomed.

According to a lawsuit filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Rent-A-Center could be guilty of sex discrimination. More specifically, the company has been accused of committing transgender discrimination against a former employee. The plaintiff says that managers within the company disapproved of her gender transition, and began searching for excuses to fire her. After her wrongful termination, the former employee contacted an employment attorney.

Is Transgender Discrimination Covered in the Civil Rights Act?

The EEOC has made it one of its primary points to begin targeting transgender discrimination and all forms of LGBT discrimination. It has said on multiple occasions that its interpretation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 does include LGBT discrimination as part of sex discrimination. Therefore, they are both prohibited by federal law.

Since the EEOC is the government body responsible for interpreting and enforcing these laws, we consider it wise to obey. However, many employers still choose to interpret the law in whatever way suits their own beliefs. This cannot be allowed to continue. We cannot idly sit by and allow this malicious and hateful behavior to continue.

Every person in this country deserves to be able to earn a living. Regardless of race, disability, religion, sex, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or gender identity, you should be able to work. No employer has the right to discriminate against you based on your inclusion in any of the aforementioned protected classes.

Dallas employment lawyer Dan A. Atkerson has successfully helped numerous victims of workplace discrimination and wrongful termination get justice for the actions of their employers.

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