HR Keeps Ignoring My Complaints: What Should I Do? By Dan Atkerson on September 29, 2023

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We often count on human resources to resolve issues as they arise. While HR departments can be helpful, there are times when they are unwilling to intervene. This is troubling when it comes to complaints of discrimination and harassment, or when a company culture leads to a hostile workplace.

As an employee, you may wonder what to do when HR isn’t on your side.

As an employment lawyer in the Dallas area for almost 40 years, I’m here to tell you that you have a lot more power in this situation than you think.

I’d like to go over some tips on what to do when HR is unresponsive. I’ll note a few more related matters to these kinds of issues as well. If you need immediate assistance, I encourage you to contact my law office in Allen, TX.

4 Things You Can Do When HR Isn’t On Your Side

A 2017 report on Insider had a nice rundown of this issue that we think is helpful. Taking some cues from that article, here is some of my own advice when it comes to this problem.

1. Maintain a Paper Trail

You’ve likely had some emails with HR and perhaps the problem employees at your workplace. Make sure you save those, back them up, and print them out as well.

Having a paper trail of correspondence can be used as evidence as this matter moves forward, and can be used to demonstrate a lack of concern or diligence when it comes to internal investigations or lack of punishment for workplace misconduct.

2. Alert the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

When HR disregards your complaints, be sure to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The EEOC may investigate your employer and seek evidence, and may even recommend mediation so a resolution can be reached with the assistance of an objective third party.

3. Alert the Texas Workforce Commission

In addition to the EEOC, I recommend reaching out to the Civil Rights Division of the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). This is another opportunity to report a workplace to employment law authorities in the hopes that changes can be made to that organization and its company culture.

4. Speak with an Employment Lawyer

Remember that there are many legal resources available to you for your employment law problems. Speaking with a qualified workplace discrimination law attorney allows you to share your story with a sympathetic party. The employment lawyer can evaluate how HR has failed you and your co-workers and tell you what steps you should take next.

The Bottom Line: When HR Doesn’t Take Action, Remember That You Can Take Action

Don’t feel helpless or alone if HR isn’t taking action. Many people have experienced the same setbacks. As disheartening as that is, you have many ways to hold people at work and the workplace accountable for perpetuating a toxic environment.

If you live or work in the Dallas area and need to discuss what happened with a legal professional, I am ready to help.


Employee worried about potential reprisal at work for speaking out

Afraid of Retaliation for Reporting Your Employer?

It’s worth noting that many people give up on legitimate workplace complaints because they fear some kind of reprisal for speaking out. In fact, some workers don’t even go to HR with their complaints of discrimination or sexual misconduct and harassment. They feel like reporting bad behavior means they risk losing their jobs or missing out on raises and promotions.

I’m here to tell you that workplace retaliation is unacceptable, and you are legally protected by the EEOC for reporting mistreatment such as harassment and discrimination.

Why Having an Employment Lawyer on Your Side Matters

If you were reprimanded for speaking out about mistreatment at work, your employment attorney can give you advice on how to proceed. This includes holding a former employer accountable for firing you after making a complaint.

I have been doing this since 1984 and am familiar with Texas labor statutes and federal labor laws. I will fight for you.

What Our Law Firm Has to Offer You

My employment and labor law office in Allen, TX, has sided with workers for decades. It’s always been my goal to ensure people in Collin County and the North Dallas suburbs have a true advocate for them and their families.

I have represented workers in cases against local businesses, regional businesses, and even powerful Fortune 500 companies. I will not back down when fighting for your rights and interests.

Here are three things that I can offer all clients.

Representation on a Contingency Fee Basis

Your company has many financial resources at its disposal. Many working families have a tight budget that can only be stretched so far.

To even the odds, I work on a contingency fee basis. That means you won’t pay a retainer or any attorney fees for my services unless I can secure a fair settlement or legal compensation for you.

A Record of Excellent Representation

Over the years, I’ve secured millions of dollars for clients in verdicts and settlements. That includes wins in various discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and breach of contract cases.

Whatever the value of your case, I will fight to ensure you receive proper compensation for the work you’ve done and any hardships you’ve been forced to endure.

A History of Worker-Focused Legal Service

I do what I do because workers need someone on their side no matter their industry or income level. I have been grateful to help many hard-working people since 1984, some of whom have left testimonials about their legal experiences.

I also encourage you to look through the Google reviews I’ve received if you have any hesitations about reaching out to me.

I am proud to have helped so many people in this community.

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I have helped people throughout the Dallas area for almost four decades. I am always ready to listen and make sure you know what you can do next.

Remember: you can take action when your company doesn’t. Take that first step today: contact our employment law office in Allen, TX.



Attorney Dan A. Atkerson

Dan A. Atkerson
Dan A. Atkerson has worked as a civil employment law attorney in DFW since 1984. He has extensive knowledge of state and federal labor statutes and is a member of both the State Bar of Texas and the Dallas Bar Association.

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