The Costs of Workplace Discrimination By Dan Atkerson on February 07, 2020

The cost of workplace discriminationWorkplace discrimination and harassment should never be tolerated. It can take a serious toll on the victims of this discrimination as well as their loved ones. Employment discrimination attorney Dan A. Atkerson has seen clients deal with the hidden costs of workplace discrimination, which are many.

The teams at our Allen, Plano, and Frisco, TX law offices would like to go over the various ways workplace discrimination affects its victims. You may not have even realized the short-term and long-term toll workplace discrimination can have on people.

Loss of Immediate Income

If you are discriminated against and lose your job, you will lose out on any immediate wages or earnings from your job. This could mean the difference between paying rent on time or missing a credit card payment. Even if you have some money saved up, the loss of your neck paycheck could result in the loss of some or all of your savings just to cover your current needs.

Loss of Future Earnings

In addition to the immediate loss of income, workplace discrimination can also lead to issues with your future earnings. You may have been counting on your regular wages from a job to cover loan payments, your mortgage, or long-term expenditures. Without these reliable earnings down the road, your long-term plans will change, perhaps drastically.

Loss of Benefits

Many workers rely on their job to provide medical and dental coverage as well as other benefits. The loss of a job means the end of your health coverage and dental plan, as well as the loss of other long-term benefits had your career gone forward.

Potential Career Setback

On the note of long-term goals and benefits, losing a job due to workplace discrimination could set your career back considerably. This is particularly true of people who suffered discrimination at their job that held them back from a promotion, a raise, or other opportunities for advancement. These setbacks could mean years of playing catch up to others in your field, or just years of treading water.

Emotional Distress and Anxiety

On top of all the above short-term and long-term financial impacts, we also have to consider the emotional and psychological toll of discrimination. Harassment and toxic work environments can have a negative effect on your mental health and general sense of wellness. The stress placed on you from your work environment and the mistreatment you endure may require you to see a therapist or counselor, which could involve a considerable cost over time.

Holding Your Employer Accountable

All of these costs associated with employment discrimination reveal how cases of workplace harassment or wrongful termination have numerous repercussions. That’s why our law office takes these additional costs into account when helping clients. We understand what you’re going through, which is why we will stand with you to seek what is right and fair.

As we negotiate a settlement with your former employer, we can note the various financial setbacks and losses you’ve experienced. Should your case proceed all the way to trial, the compensatory damages sought will help cover the various hardships you’ve gone through.

Learn More About Workplace Discrimination

If you would like to learn more about your legal options following a wrongful termination or discrimination on the job, be sure to contact a skilled workplace and employment law attorney. You can reach our law offices in Allen, Plano, and Frisco by calling (214) 617-1327.

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