Can I Face Workplace Retaliation for Reporting Illegal Activities? By Dan Atkerson on March 16, 2022

EmployeeTexas businesses must adhere to state and federal laws to ensure that all employees are treated fairly, that necessary safety measures are in place, and that appropriate business practices are followed. If a company violates employment laws, discriminates against employees, ignores safety protocols, or participates in other illegal activities, employees have a right to report them, without fear of repercussions.

Employees who report illegal activities are provided protections under state and federal employment laws. These laws protect employees from workplace retaliation for reporting illegal activities. Workers in the Allen, TX, area who have suffered workplace retaliation after reporting illegal activities can work with attorney Dan A. Atkerson to file a workplace retaliation lawsuit.

Examples of Workplace Retaliation

According to the legal definition, workplace retaliation is any act that causes employees to lose out on pay or opportunities for advancement. Workplace retaliation refers to situations in which an employee is treated poorly or punished for actions they have taken, such as reporting illegal business activities. Employees may experience workplace retaliation in many different forms. Common examples of workplace retaliation include:

  • Unwarranted disciplinary action
  • Poor performance reviews that are unmerited
  • Unfavorable changes in job duties
  • Unpaid wages or unpaid overtime
  • Failure to promote or allow for other job advancement opportunities
  • Demotion
  • Wrongful termination

Am I Protected From Workplace Retaliation?

Federal workplace discrimination laws and workplace retaliation laws protect Allen employees from facing workplace retaliation for reporting harassment, discrimination, or other illegal activities. The Whistleblower Protection Act further protects employees of government agencies from facing workplace retaliation or wrongful termination for reporting ethical, financial, and illegal activitis not related to wrokplace discrimination. Individuals who are covered by these various workplace retaliation laws include:

  • Employees who have opposed illegal practices
  • Employees who have reported illegal activities to law enforcement agencies
  • Employees who have reported health or safety violations to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Employees who have participated in legal proceedings or investigations regarding illegal activities or workplace discrimination
  • Employees who have filed workplace discrimination complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Filing a Workplace Retaliation Lawsuit

Although laws are in place to protect employees from workplace retaliation, the practice still occurs. Workers who report illegal activities that are not related to discrimination are likely to face particularly harsh consequences, which usually includes wrongful termination. 

Workplace retaliation lawyer Dan A. Atkerson can assist individuals in Allen and surrounding areas in filing a lawsuit if they have faced workplace retaliation or wrongful termination after reporting illegal activities. A workplace retaliation claim can hold liable employers accountable for damages such as lost wages, emotional suffering, and attorney’s fees.

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