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How to Prove Discrimination in the Workplace

By Dan Atkerson on July 10, 2017

workplace discriminationDiscrimination happens in many work places around the country, and it’s not just industries that are older or male-oriented. Many employees may be part of a company that has exercised systemic repression of minority groups for so long, they may have just accepted the treatment as a part of life. This is very unfortunate, but it is also illegal. There are steps you can take to start holding your employer accountable for their discriminatory actions. Many times, it takes a brave soul to speak up to finally get companies to stop their hurtful practices.

Warning Signs of Discrimination in the Workplace

  • Lack of promotions: If you notice a trend, for example, all the minority employees in your office work at the same lower to mid-level jobs at your company for years, while less experienced white men or another group gets consistently picked ahead of them, this can be illegal.
  • Minority groups withheld from company gatherings: If company meetings or gatherings are held to discuss important company issues, all groups of employees need to be attending. Withholding minority groups from important meetings is bad for employees socially, and hinders the progress of company culture.
  • Racist comments or jokes: Employees or bosses making crude jokes relating to race can be illegal if they are serious enough. Ask other employees at the office if they are experiencing the same type of treatment. Every case has strength in numbers.
  • Pay discrimination: Some companies repress wages of women and minorities. It is a difficult process to figure out what other employees are making, but it is your legal right to ask. A Dallas wage and hour attorney has the resources to figure out what industry pay should be for your job.
Other types of discrimination can exist against LGBT members or people with disabilities. If you think something is backwards with your company culture, contact Dallas employment attorney Dan A. Atkerson for an in-depth investigation into your workplace environment.

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