Whose Money is Fixing Dallas Police Pension Issues? By Dan Atkerson on May 31, 2017

Should an attorney review your employment agreement?The system of funding for Dallas police and firefighters has come under much scrutiny in recent months. With impending understaffing of officers looming, the city needs to come up with a fix. So, who’s going to be paying for the lack of funds currently in the system? It looks like the officers themselves will be bearing the brunt of the repayment plan. The new payment plan will cut back on officer pay, benefits, and stock contributions to allow for a rebuilding of the funding structure.

Has Your Employer Stripped Some of Your Benefits?

  • Examples of illegal loss of benefits: If an employer withdraws benefits that were included in your employment contract without letting you know, this is illegal. If you have agreed to receive a certain amount of benefits to work at a company, you would also need to agree to a loss of benefits as well. Some contracts can be verbal, like a boss agreeing to give you stock options when you hit a certain goal. The scope of your employment contract can include pay information, hours, terms of employment, benefits, and what happens in the event of termination. All of these conditions need to be met by the employer.
Many employee benefits are in jeopardy due to a changing business landscape and tight economy. Contacting a Dallas employment attorney can help you figure out if your employer is not honoring their contract.

What Should You Do After a Benefit Breach?

  • Work under protest: Continue working at your job, but make it clear to your employer you do not agree with the new contract breach. This will make it easier to make a claim against them later. The more time you work under the contract breach, the less strength your claim will have.
  • File a grievance and quit: You could also lodge an internal claim within your company and resign under the reasoning you were forced to do so because of the unlawful breach of contract.
Employment Lawyer Dan A. Atkerson can help you know if your employment contract was breached using experience settling complex employment contract cases.

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