Employees of New Tech Companies May Still be Subject to Workplace Discrimination By Dan Atkerson on April 24, 2017

New “startup” tech companies have become more common in recent years, and offer different incentives and policies to draw in young and progressive workers. Being a diverse, cultured workplace, with healthy food, green policies, kegs of beer, and ping-pong tables are designed to bring in a certain kind of educated, young clientele that have had enough of workplace discrimination.

Although these companies are trying to abandon the image of a typical, boring workplace that has connotations of sexism and discrimination of previous generations, the fact is, discrimination and harassment still happen every day. Recently, allegations of large-scale pay discrimination towards women by tech giant Google have come out, and Tesla, a fast-growing electric car company, has received allegations of race discrimination from an employee. Don’t wait to file your claim if you have been affected, below are some tips for how to report a discrimination claim.

How to Report Discrimination

  • Tell your employer: Let your employer know what happened. Ask for a written report to be documented and that actions are taken to correct the behavior from the offending employees.
  • Keep track of interactions: Keep track of the things that are being said or done at work. Either save screen shots of harassing messages you are getting, or write down what is occurring in a diary or document. The company phones and messaging systems are likely being monitored, so use this to your advantage and ask for records to problematic interactions for your case.
  • Review company policy: This can help you clearly detail the coworker’s violation of the discrimination agreement your company has drafted. Ask for a copy of the agreement, or print one out.
Just because a company has a “progressive” mindset, doesn’t mean that all the employees will be free of biases. Discrimination can still affect every kind of workplace. Contact Dallas employment lawyer Dan A. Atkerson for great answers for all of your workplace discrimination questions.

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