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4 Ways We Will Close the Gender Pay Gap

By Dan Atkerson on May 04, 2016

Male Female SymbolsPay discrimination affects millions of women every day, and just about anyone you ask these days would likely tell you that they believe women should be paid the same as men for the same work. So why hasn’t it happened? It seems that everyone wants pay equality, but most people don’t know where to start or that they can have an impact at all. In an effort to get the ball rolling a little bit, we’ve created a list of some important ways you, yes even you, can help close the gender pay gap.

4 Important Ways You Can Help Close the Gender Pay Gap

  • Take a Stand Against Sex Discrimination – Even if you think your voice isn’t loud enough to be heard, we promise someone is listening. That old saying about being the change you want to see in the world really has some truth to it. Use social media and other avenues to show your support for equal pay.
  • Advocate for Pay Transparency – It’s easier for employers to pay women less than their male counterparts when nobody is really aware that it’s happening. Encourage your co-workers to talk about their pay. It’s a good way to reveal any disparities and give women a better idea of what kind of pay they should ask for when they are hired or are able to secure a promotion (which is sometimes a different battle altogether).
  • Encourage Your Co-workers to Help Women – Spread the word, and spread the passion for gender equality. Don’t let your co-workers who feel the same way you do sit idly by without doing something about their beliefs. Encourage both men and women to help you fight for women in the workplace.
  • Help Women Feel More Comfortable Negotiating – As part of a study conducted by Linda Babcock for her book Women Don’t Ask, she found that 57 percent of men negotiate their pay when they are hired or given promotions as opposed to 7 percent of women. Those who do negotiate often ask for less than the men do as well, meaning they usually settle for less than the men.
Every voice crying out for gender equality matters. Don’t sit on the sidelines when you could be making a meaningful effort to make a positive change.

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