Sexual Harassment Is Not the Only Kind of Workplace Harassment By Dan Atkerson on January 18, 2016

Same Sex Couple (m)Sexual harassment is a big problem in the workplace every day, but it is not the only form of harassment employees experience. There are a handful of other types of harassment that can be just as damaging.

You are supposed to feel comfortable at your workplace, but that is not always the case. Harassment can seriously degrade your productivity at work, and make you dread even showing up in the morning.

Two Forms of Workplace Harassment

There are two different forms of harassment. One is unlawful harassment, which is harassment that is illegal because it is directed at a protected class, such as race or gender. The other is known as workplace bullying, which is repetitive and often intimidating behavior. Bullying isn’t always considered illegal, even though it can be very damaging.

Examples of Workplace Harassment

Discrimination and harassment against an employee are very similar but not exactly the same. Workplace discrimination has more to do with the employer or supervisor making discriminatory employment decisions, while harassment is more intimidating, degrading, and otherwise negative behavior.

Here are some examples of other types of harassment that you may see in the workplace.

  • Religion – Harassment such as name-calling and other generally disrespectful or degrading behavior based on your religion is illegal.
  • Age – If you are being made fun of or bullied for your age (over 40), you may have a case for ageism harassment.
  • Disability – It is a protected class, therefore making it illegal for you to be harassed at work for any disability.
  • Gender – Harassment based on your gender is prohibited by employment law. Dallas ordinances also protect you from harassment based on your gender identity.
  • Sexual Orientation – Federal law still lacks the appropriate clauses, but Dallas law protects you from harassment directed at your sexual orientation.
  • Race – Racial harassment is intolerable and illegal, thanks to the Civil Rights Act.
These are some of the other common forms of workplace harassment employees face every day. Harassment at work can be extremely detrimental to your well-being.

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