What Does Workplace Sexism Look Like for Women Today? By Dan Atkerson on November 04, 2015

Gender DiscriminationMore than 50 percent of women today believe, probably correctly, that gender discrimination has affected the decisions of their superiors. Even though progress has been made in raising the “glass ceiling,” there is still a ceiling. Workplace sexism is slowly being eradicated, but for now women still struggle with inequality, especially in three areas.

  • Pay Gap – The pay gap has been very much in the spotlight recently with Hollywood actors and actresses advocating for equal pay between the sexes. Hollywood may be at the tip of the spear, as it usually is, but women in almost every other industry also struggle with pay inequality. The Equal Pay Act of 1963 was created to bridge the pay gap between men and women, but has not been very successful.
  • Discrimination – Women often find themselves being overlooked for promotions, pay raises, and desirable job assignments. The opposite could also qualify as discrimination. Pay increases and promotions without justification may also be construed as sexism. Small and big business alike will have to start enforcing no tolerance policies in order to stop it.
  • HarassmentSexual harassment is still a real problem in the workplace. Inappropriate jokes or touching, suggestive behavior, or sexual advances can all create a hostile work environment. The EEOC has reported that about 75 percent of women have experienced some form of harassment at work.

What Can You Do About Gender Discrimination?

  • Tell harassers to stop. They may be unaware that their actions are making you feel uncomfortable.
  • Talk to your human resources department about any actions you feel may be discriminatory.
  • Keep a record of discriminatory actions. Write things down in a journal, save emails, don’t throw out written notes; keep it all.
Consult an employment attorney if you have been the victim of workplace discrimination. Dan A. Atkerson has more than 30 years of experience, and would love to help you fight for your right to equality and a harassment-free workplace.

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