What Are the Benefits of a Six-Hour Workday? By Dan Atkerson on October 23, 2015

Obama Announces New Overtime RulesScandinavian countries have long emphasized the importance of a good work-life balance. Tons of businesses in Sweden who take that belief seriously have officially implemented a six-hour workday, and America should follow suit.

There are plenty of people who argue that an eight-hour work day sees more getting done, but you would be wrong in most cases. A study done by The Atlantic has shown that Americans barely work a full six hours these days anyway. In fact, most Americans spend between 1.5 and 3 hours during the work day on personal things. Online shopping, social media, phone calls, gossiping with co-workers, and other distractions take up a sizeable chunk of the day.

The Swedish companies and other supporters list more than a few benefits of a six-hour workday. The driving idea behind the shorter workday is that employees will actually be just as productive if not more so. The goal is to persuade workers to put in a more focused six hours and then go home; it’s just that simple.

American employees would be afforded more free time by adopting a similar work schedule; a benefit that is increasingly popular among millennials who value a balanced work-life ratio more so than prior generations.

Another benefit would be reduced stress. For many Americans, work never truly ends when you leave the office anyway. Many positions require that you be ready to check emails frequently and answer work related phone calls at any point. This is an added burden on employees, and while a six-hour workday is unlikely to change that, it would still provide those workers with some relief during the day.

The benefit to employers is fairly obvious. The economic gain to businesses by shortening employee’s workdays while potentially increasing productivity has to be tempting. Some industries simply require more work hours, in which case employers could simply allow workers to put in the extra couple hours.

A six-hour workday could be a win-win for all involved, but as of now, we’re still on a nine to five. If you have any wage or hours issues at work, such as unpaid overtime, or employers not paying you for all the hours you’ve worked, contact Dan A. Atkerson immediately. He has over 30 years of experience and can help you fight for what should be yours.

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