Couvrette Building Systems Founder Under Facing Federal Charges for Unpaid Wages By Dan Atkerson on October 07, 2015

TimesheetEdward Couvrette, the founder and owner of E.F. Couvrette, Couvrette Building Systems, Couvrette Propery Corp., and a handful of other businesses, is facing three federal charges in relation to his employees’ hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid wages.

Couvrette has said that his companies could come back from recent troubles if the government left him alone. He has been quoted saying, “It would be better in the United States if somebody from the government came to help you when your business was struggling instead of bringing in the wrecking crew.”

However, employees of Couvrette’s various businesses have said otherwise. People who have worked closely with Couvrette say that the owner has a habit of blaming others for his failings. “It’s always somebody else’s fault,” said one former employee who is owed $6,300.

Former employees have stated that Couvrette has been indifferent to the financial turmoil he has caused as people find themselves unable to pay for rent, bills, or groceries. The company has also neglected to pay insurance premiums resulting in more trouble for those with medical expenses or emergencies.

Couvrette has provided a number of excuses as to why his employees are suffering, including the 2008 recession and a former financial officer’s illegal actions.

Couvrette was arrested in September and soon after posted a $50,000 bond using his home as collateral. The lawsuit filed against him shows that he owes $233,000 to his employees and another $332,000 in support payments to his ex-wife.

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