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Employee Rights: When Facing Discipline

Employee discipline is never a fun experience to go through. It can, however, be an effective means for…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Mar 01, 2017

Is This Major Trucking Company Guilty of Religious Discrimination?

After a long battle and multiple investigations, a large trucking company has agreed to pay damages for…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Nov 30, 2016

Does the Federal Law Prohibit Religious Discrimination Against Atheists?

religious discriminationThe Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits employers from making employment decisions based on a person’s…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Aug 10, 2016

Can My Boss Stop Me from Wearing Religious Clothing at Work?

Religious discrimination continues to be a serious issue within our country. Workplace discrimination based on your religion can…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Aug 03, 2016

How Many Workplace Discrimination Complaints Are Made Every Year?

Group of Multiethnic Diverse Business PeopleWorkplace discrimination is a problem in our job force every day. Whether…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Feb 19, 2016

Religious Discrimination Against Muslims On the Rise

Religious DiscriminationA workplace conflict over religious accommodations recently came to a head after a meat processing plant fired…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Feb 03, 2016

Season’s Greetings: Texas Law and Religious Holidays

Image of two young businessmen using touchpad at meetingDecember is a very busy month for many religions. Hanukkah,…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Dec 02, 2015

Texas Lt. Gov. Urges Legislators to Better Protect Against Religious Discrimination

Group of Multiethnic Diverse Business PeopleDan Patrick, Texas Lieutenant Governor, has urged Texas Legislature to work harder to…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Oct 19, 2015

SCOTUS Rules for Elauf in Religious Discrimination Case

The high-profile case of Samantha Elauf reached a milestone on June 1 when the Supreme Court reversed a lower court’s ruling in favor of clothing…

Posted by Dan Atkerson on Jun 10, 2015

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