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Sexual harassment in the workplace can take many forms. If you have been the subject of unwanted sexual advances from a supervisor or other type of coworker, you are not alone. During a consultation at the Allen, TX, Law Offices of Dan A. Atkerson, we can identify the best course of action to stop the sexual harassment you face in the workplace.

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There's a need for a sexual harassment attorney in employment cases when an employee, whether that be male or female, feels like they're being harassed in the workplace. My case experience with sexual harassment claims includes cases where employees have been the subject of unwanted sexual advances, whether that be by coworkers or even their supervisors or high-ranking officials within an organization. Sometimes these sexual advances will take the forms of emails, cards, notes, and even text messages. That's where I come in to advise the employee on their legal rights and how to address the issues within the company and how to achieve a resolution that will benefit the client. The most common questions I get asked about sexual harassment cases is, "How can this be stopped? And how can I continue my employment with this organization where I am not victimized by sexual harassment?" I've had several cases where there were large settlements paid, where clients were sexually harassed by high-ranking officials within the organization, and we were able to attain a resolution on those cases, even sometimes with the high-ranking executives being separated from their employment as a result. What sets me apart from other law firms in representing victims of sexual harassment is my willingness to listen, my empathy, my ability to understand the issues and how best to resolve those with the employer. Sexual harassment, in our current world, is a very hot topic in that women's rights are more recognized than ever, as they should be. Lawyers such as myself strive to assist the employee in addressing those issues to stop sexual harassment in the workplace.

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