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Pregnant women face a number of challenges in the workplace, including a risk of wrongful termination.

The Law Offices of Dan A. Atkerson stands up for workers who have suffered mistreatment due to pregnancy, nursing, or related conditions.

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What Is Pregnancy Discrimination?

Pregnancy discrimination refers to the unfair treatment of an employee because of their pregnancy, childbirth, or a medical condition or disability related to pregnancy or childbirth. Pregnancy discrimination cases often overlap with legal disputes over sex and gender discrimination as well as workplace disputes over medical leave.

Pregnancy discrimination cases relate to all aspects of employment law, including hiring, firing, wages, hours, unpaid leave, training, and benefits.

We Are on Your Side Mr. Atkerson Defends the Rights of Pregnant Employees

Pregnant employees have numerous legal protections from discrimination, harassment, and termination. If your employer treated you unfairly because of pregnancy, childbirth, or a pregnancy-related medical condition, it's important to speak with a lawyer about your case. A pregnancy discrimination lawyer will evaluate all direct and circumstantial evidence of illegal treatment on the job.

Examples of Pregnancy Discrimination

Refusal to Hire Due to Pregnancy

If an applicant is pregnant, an employer is prohibited from denying that applicant employment on the basis of pregnancy. Pregnancy discrimination cases can cover discriminatory practices in the hiring process, not just during employment.

Termination Due to Pregnancy

If an employer fires a pregnant employee due to their pregnancy or a pregnancy-related disability, it may be a case of wrongful termination. The claim of wrongful termination is clear-cut if a pregnant employee is laid off while a similar non-pregnant employee remains on the job.

Refusal to Make Reasonable Accommodations

Employers are legally required to make reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees or new mothers. This includes changes in work duties to account for physical well-being and providing a private space for a mother to pump breastmilk.

Restricting Maternity or Medical Leave

Employers must grant qualifying pregnant employees unpaid leave in order to give birth and bond with their newborn. If an employee is denied their unpaid leave because they are pregnant, this may be a case of discrimination and a violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

Creating a Toxic Work Environment

If supervisors or co-workers make the workplace hostile because of your pregnancy, this is considered a form of discrimination. This includes behaviors like sexual harassment, making or posting offensive comments, sharing offensive images, and bullying.

Other Forms of Retaliation


  • Cutting wages
  • Cutting hours
  • Demotion
  • Denial of raise or promotion
  • Changes in job duties
  • Changes in job title
  • Loss of benefits
  • Forced relocation

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Pregnancy discrimination attorney Dan A. Atkerson has practiced employment law since 1984. He is well-qualified to evaluate your case and help you seek compensation for the mistreatment you have suffered.

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Attorney Dan A. Atkerson is here to help victims of pregnancy-related retaliation and discrimination.

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A Look at the Numbers: How Common Are Pregnancy Discrimination Charges?

A Consistent Issue  Year After Year


For additional context, the EEOC recorded 2,261 new pregnancy discrimination charges in 2021 and 2,698 new charges in 2020. If you've been discriminated against at your job because of pregnancy, you are not alone. Our pregnancy discrimination lawyer is here to help and wants to hear from you.

Contact a Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer Dan A. Atkerson Is Ready to Listen

You should not be punished for being pregnant or raising a child. If your employer violated your protections under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, ADA, or FMLA, employment law attorney Dan A. Atkerson is here to help. Serving workers in and around Allen, Plano, Dallas, and Frisco, TX, for more than 38 years, he can hold companies accountable for mistreating their employees.

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Contingency-Fee Services Easing the Financial Pressure


If you've been discriminated against, the high cost of legal services should not prevent you from hiring a lawyer. That's why the Law Offices of Dan A. Atkerson takes cases on a contingency-fee basis. You do not pay attorney fees unless we can successfully resolve your discrimination case.

"Dan provided an exceptional experience. His transparency, efficiency, proactiveness, honesty, and extensive knowledge were truly commendable. The professionalism and confidence he exhibited in his work spoke volumes. Dan was dedicated to completing the job, and he delivered. Dan – working with you was a pleasure. If I could, I'd give 10 stars. THANK YOU!" Courtney, 5-Star Google Review

Maternity Leave and Pregnancy Discrimination

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Maternity leave refers to the right to be absent after giving birth in order to care for and bond with a newborn. Under the FMLA, women qualify for maternity leave if they:

  • Work at a company with at least 50 employees within a 75-mile radius
  • Have been employed by their employer for at least 12 months
  • Have logged at least 1,250 hours of work during their 12 months with the employer prior to taking maternity leave

Discrimination claims may arise if a mother is denied maternity leave despite qualifying for it. There are also cases of wrongful termination in which a woman is fired for requesting or taking maternity leave.

If you believe you have suffered discrimination due to pregnancy or a related health issue, it's important to speak with a lawyer about what happened. Our attorney in Allen, TX, can determine if it's worth pursuing litigation and recommend the next steps that you should take.

Filing a Discrimination Charge


If you feel you were the target of pregnancy discrimination, it's important that you file a formal charge with the EEOC or the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). Our lawyer, Dan Atkerson, can help you with this process. Once the EEOC or TWC have processed your claim, they can provide a right to sue letter, allowing you to pursue a lawsuit against your employer.



Collecting Evidence Of Discrimination


There may be direct or circumstantial evidence of violations such as discrimination and wrongful termination. Direct evidence can include your employer admitting to pregnancy discrimination. Circumstantial evidence means that no direct admission of discrimination has occurred, but discriminatory intent can be inferred. It's important to have a lawyer examine any documents or correspondence available to build a strong case.

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Through aggressive, knowledgeable representation, he has helped clients all over the state reach significant verdicts and settlements. To schedule a consultation at our law firm, request an appointment online or call us at (214) 383-3606.

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