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Severance Negotiation Lawyer In North Dallas Dedicated To Getting Employees Fair Severance Packages

Explaining Texas Employment Laws On Severance Pay Agreements

Dallas severance package attorney and Texas employment lawyer helping negotiate severance pay agreementsA severance package is a legal document with the potential to have long-term effects on your future, even after you leave your job. Severance negotiation lawyer Dan A. Atkerson has been representing clients in the Dallas Metro area in all areas of Texas employment law for more than three decades. He understands that it can be intimidating to negotiate with your employer for the severance package you deserve. Our Allen employment law firm can help you get a fair severance package. Additionally, he can prevent you from giving up any employment rights you want to maintain.

Please contact a North Dallas employment attorney near you to schedule a free consultation. During a case review, our employment attorney will discuss your severance package claim. We can provide more information about ways that gaining attorney representation can help you negotiate severance pay and uphold your legal rights.

Allen Employment Attorney Gets You the Severance Package You Earned

Texas is an at-will employment state. That means your employer can fire you at any time for any reason – or for no reason at all. As an at-will employee, you do not automatically get a severance package, although some at-will employees do get one. For example, individuals who have employment contracts often receive a severance package in accordance with the terms of their original employment contracts.

Many North Dallas employers count on their employees not understanding severance packages to avoid the issue altogether. An experienced severance negotiation lawyer in Collin County is the best way to let your employer know you are serious about getting fair treatment.

Many times, employers will attempt to rush former employees into accepting severance packages that are less than what workers deserve . Be sure you understand the rights afforded to you under Texas employment law before you sign anything.

A Collin County Severance Negotiation Lawyer Can Investigate Your Severance Package Options

Our Texas employment law firm has the resources to investigate your severance agreement thoroughly. We help you to determine what kind of severance package is fair.

A severance negotiation lawyer will go over the severance package policy line by line to evaluate the terms included. We help you to understand any risks associated with the offer as well as its benefits. The firm can help you from behind the scenes or negotiate directly with your employer on your behalf. Either way, our Allen severance agreement lawyer will work to get you the best possible severance package.

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