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Being fired from your job despite performing your tasks up to standards can be an enormous gut punch. 

It can also be the result of illegal workplace discrimination. Thankfully, you have legal recourse if you have endured a situation like this.

Our wrongful termination lawyer Dan A. Atkerson has been handling cases like these for Dallas, TX, clients since 1984.

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Anita Paas

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Thank you, Dan, for your exceptional work and unwavering commitment to justice. Your professionalism and genuine concern for your clients truly set you apart. I am forever grateful for your assistance and would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone in need of an outstanding employment lawyer.

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Ameen alq

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Dan was a great help . He responded to my many questions in a timely manner and advised me well. Thank you

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Standing Up for You


Employers typically have their own attorneys on retainer, so it can be difficult to show that wrongful termination occurred without the help of a qualified employment lawyer. Our team can help build a strong case with compelling evidence so you receive the compensation you deserve.

What You Can Get After a Winning Suit

Happy worker after receiving a settlement

In some cases, an individual who was wrongfully fired fails to reach out to a lawyer to explore a lawsuit because they are simply unaware of the many gains they can achieve after winning a case. Depending on the circumstances of your claim, our lawyer may be able to seek:

  • Job reinstatement
  • Back pay
  • Future pay
  • Promotion
  • Punitive damages
  • Attorney's fees
  • Expert witness fees
  • Court costs
  • Injunction against illegal conduct

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Penelope Perdomo

Allen, TX


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Dan Atkerson is a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced lawyer. He addressed my concerns with compassion while ensuring that the best course of action was taken to obtain the best possible outcome. I was extremely emotional throughout this process; thus, having someone as calm and collected as Dan was an asset to my case. I was able to communicate with Dan directly and I valued his prompt and effective communication skills. Last, but not least, integrity is extremely important to me, and Dan certainly exuded this key characteristic in the way that he handled my case. 

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Courtney Manning

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Dan provided an exceptional experience. His transparency, efficiency, proactiveness, honesty, and extensive knowledge were truly commendable. The professionalism and confidence he exhibited in his work spoke volumes. Dan was dedicated to completing the job, and he delivered. Dan – working with you was a pleasure. If I could, I'd give 10 stars. THANK YOU!

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Dan Atkerson has been handling employment law cases for approximately 40 years, having been admitted to the State Bar of Texas in 1984, and opened his private practice in 2001.

With more than three decades in the field, clients can trust him to investigate every piece of evidence and pursue every avenue of legal recourse to obtain compensation if they have been unjustly terminated.

Reach out to our Allen labor attorney's office to get started. Contact us online to ask a question or request a consultation. You can also reach us in the Dallas area by phone:

Dan A. Atkerson
At the Law Offices of Dan A. Atkerson, we are committed to helping workers in the greater Dallas area successfully file their claim for wrongful termination.

No Case Is Too Complex

Dallas is full of major multinational corporations. It may seem too intimidating to stand up to one of these well-resourced behemoths. You should know that attorney Atkerson has successfully assisted many clients who worked at Fortune 500 companies with a variety of employment law claims.

Texas Is an At-Will Employment State

As an at-will employment state, employers in Texas can fire employees at any time and without explicit reason.

However, even in at-will employment states, employers must follow the employment law guidelines set by federal and state statutes, which provide some protections for workers. As detailed above, you can't be fired for discriminatory reasons, reporting workplace violations, attending jury duty, and more. If you suspect that you were wrongfully fired from your job, it is important to speak to our wrongful termination lawyer, serving the greater Dallas area, as soon as possible about your case.

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Common Law Exceptions To Texas At-Will Employment

We can also draw upon well-established case law to protect your job and win your lawsuit, if applicable. For example, we can examine the following common law exceptions to Texas at-will employment laws:

Public Policy

You are completely protected from being terminated for refusing to commit an illegal act.

Contractual Status

If you have a signed employment contract or collective bargaining agreement that is violated by your termination, we are confident we can win your case.

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Speak with a Wrongful Termination Lawyer

If you suspect your termination was based on discrimination, retaliation, or another protected class, contact an attorney immediately. Our lawyer can build a strong case to help you obtain just compensation. Our law firm can evaluate your wrongful termination case, and you won't have to pay any attorney fees unless we reach a favorable resolution.

Contact our practice online to ask a question or request a consultation with attorney Dan Atkerson. You can also reach us in the greater Dallas area by phone:

"Made Everything Seamless"

"Mr. Atkerson made everything seamless. I would definitely recommend him for anyone having issues  with how they're being treated within their company." Melinda Lewis, 2023

How We Evaluate Your Case

Employment Contract

If you had an employment contract in place that detailed the length of time of employment or reasons that you could be fired, our attorney will review its terms. If the termination was in violation of the contract, you may have a case based on breach of contract and wrongful termination.

Company Policies

Our wrongful termination lawyer in the Dallas area will review all documentation related to company policies to see if any employers, managers, or other employees failed to follow these policies.

Your Treatment

If your employer says performance issues were the cause of your termination, our employment lawyer will investigate and determine if other employees were or weren't fired for similar reasons.

History of Complaints

Workers are entitled to make complaints to human resources or the other appropriate party when a company or any of its employees violate federal or state employment laws. If you have a history of complaints and were fired, we will pursue this as a possible reason for wrongful termination.

Defamation of Character

If employers come up with untruthful reasons for your termination, this can be considered defamation of character. Our lawyer will investigate all allegations made against you by your former employer.

How to Address Unfair Treatment  after Wrongful Termination

A wrongful termination claim may range from breach of an employment contract to claims of discrimination based on race, sex, age, religion, disability, or pregnancy. If you feel that your rights have been violated, you should seek the assistance of a wrongful termination attorney. During a consultation at our law office serving the Dallas-Fort Worth area, employment lawyer Dan A. Atkerson can help you understand if you have a legal cause of action that can be pursued.

Proving Wrongful Termination What Needs to Be Established

Demonstrating Retaliation or Discrimination

Mr. Atkerson will go over all evidence to see if there is any direct or circumstantial evidence of retaliation or discrimination. He will attempt to demonstrate that you performed your job duties and satisfied the conditions for employment, yet you were let go for unlawful reasons.

Breach of Contract

Looking over your employment contract, Mr. Atkerson may be able to find that the nature of your termination violated the stipulations of the contract. Some contracts may even include strict guidelines for termination that must be adhered to.

Violation of Public Policy

The team at our Dallas area law firm will also note if your wrongful termination is rooted in a violation of public policy. This includes termination because you refused to break the law for your employer, you used FMLA leave or requested reasonable accommodations, or you reported discrimination or unsafe practices at the workplace.

Speak with an Attorney Today A Wrongful Termination Lawyer Can Help

Even though Texas is an at-will employment state, workers cannot be terminated for discriminatory reasons. If you feel your protections as a worker have been violated, it's important to speak with attorney Dan A. Atkerson about your case. He has spent more than three decades representing workers in the Dallas area who've been terminated for unlawful reasons.

If you've lost your job as a result of discrimination or retaliation, contact our law firm online. You can also reach our law firm by phone.

Helping Workers Throughout the Dallas Area Here for Victims of Wrongful Termination and Retaliation


susan veitenheimer

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Thank you Dan for your great service. I had read reviews while looking for an Attorney, so glad I trusted the reviews about Dan and decided to hire him.. He cares and is dedicated to his clients.

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steve adams

Allen, TX


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Mr. Atkerson took my case when others said I didn’t have one. He represented me well with my wrongful termination case and got me a fair settlement. He answered any questions I had and gave me weekly updates concerning my case. I highly recommend Mr. Atkerson. Thank you again for representing me!

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Direct and Circumstantial Evidence

In a wrongful termination case, direct evidence refers to any overt admissions by your employer that you were dismissed as an act of discrimination or retaliation. Circumstantial evidence means that even without an overt admission, such an unlawful action can be inferred based on supporting evidence.

How to Preserve Evidence in
Your Case

Ideally, you will have the foresight to collect evidence before you are fired and lose access to company emails and other files. It is always a good idea for all employees to keep their own employment records independently. The types of records you should keep include:

  • Company policies and procedures
  • Photos
  • Eyewitness reports
  • Performance reviews
  • Relevant emails, texts, and voicemail messages

It is also a good idea to write out your own personal recollection of the experience. Having specific dates, names, eyewitnesses, and where events happened can help us build a strong case.

If you have lost access to important files, we can seek access during the legal process.

Dan Atkerson reviewing paperwork

A  Lawyer Who Takes Workplace Misconduct Seriously

"Dan Atkerson, Esq. was so respectful and his guidance was well thought out and successful with representing me.  He is well known in Texas and has a great reputation based on his experience, which was important to me when choosing him for my specific legal situation. Great communication skills,  and legal knowledge." Rana Dunn, 2023

Contact a Wrongful Termination Lawyer Discuss Your Case with an Employment Attorney

At-will employees have rights and legal protections. If you have been wrongfully fired from your job, it's crucial that you speak with our lawyer about what happened. Attorney Dan A. Atkerson can review your case and advise you on the next steps you should consider.

If Mr. Atkerson takes your case, you will not have to pay anything unless your case is successfully resolved. This is part of our long-standing commitment to working people and families in the greater Dallas area.

For more information about wrongful termination laws and your legal options, contact our law firm online. You can also reach our legal team by phone to schedule a consultation.

Attorney Dan A. Atkerson
Wrongful termination attorney Dan A. Atkerson can help you hold your employer accountable.

Wrongful Termination FAQs

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Can I Sue for Wrongful Termination?

If you were fired for reasons that violate state and federal employment laws, you have the right to file a lawsuit against your former company to obtain damages.

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What Are the Benefits of Filing Suit?

The benefit of filing an employment lawsuit for wrongful termination is that you can be awarded damages for lost wages, employment benefits, and emotional distress. A lawsuit can also help you clear your name and restore your reputation. Finally, you are doing other employees a service by preventing workplace violations from occurring again in the future.

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Can I Be Fired Without Receiving a Warning?

Yes. Some companies may give employees a warning before termination. However, since Texas is an at-will employment state, an employer can legally fire an employee without warning as long as it's not a discriminatory or retaliatory act.
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Can I Get My Job Back After Dismissal?

Yes, you could get rehired by your employer after a wrongful termination lawsuit is completed. However, the working relationship with your employer may be compromised by the lawsuit and court proceedings. Mr. Atkerson can discuss what form of restitution may be fitting given the circumstances of your case and the hardships you were forced to endure.
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What Should I Do After Termination?

First, gather all supporting documentation and evidence that could demonstrate wrongful termination. Next, be sure to file a complaint with the EEOC or the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). If you live in the Dallas area, and have been wrongfully fired it is advisable that you speak with our lawyer Dan A. Atkerson. During a legal consultation, you can find out what steps to take next given the circumstances of your situation.

Our Dallas Attorney Deeply Understands Existing Legal Precedent

It is important to understand that we can win a seemingly complex wrongful termination lawsuit by citing previous Texas Supreme Court rulings that establish legal precedents in these types of claims. Let's look at the case Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. v. Portillo, 879 S.W.2d 47 as an example. 

The multinational tire manufacturer Goodyear suddenly fired a high-performing employee, Hortencia Portilla, for no reason other than violating an anti-nepotism policy that she had been in apparent violation of for 17 years with no repercussions, since the date her brother had been transferred to her location to train for and assume the position of her manager. 

As Goodyear had totally failed to enforce their anti-nepotism policy for almost two decades before relying on it as a pretext to fire Ms. Portilla, the Texas Supreme Court ruled against the company. 

It may be possible that this specific ruling is applicable in your lawsuit. It may also be possible that a different Supreme Court case could be drawn upon. Regardless, Mr. Atkerson has the breadth of employment law knowledge to utilize any resource he can.

Lady justice
Dan Atkerson

Law Offices of Dan A. Atkerson

Dan A. Atkerson has been protecting the rights of North Texas employees for over nearly four decades. He is affiliated with several prestigious legal organizations, including: 

  • The State Bar of Texas
  • The Dallas Bar Association
  • The United States Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit
  • Texas Supreme Court and all Texas trial and appellate courts
  • Texas federal courts for the Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas

Through aggressive, knowledgeable representation, he has helped clients all over the state reach significant verdicts and settlements. To schedule a consultation at our law firm, request an appointment online or call us at (214) 383-3606.

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