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Disability Discrimination Attorney

If you have a physical or mental disability, an employer must treat you as fairly as any other employee. It's the law.

Should you feel treated unfairly, or your job was terminated due to your disability, attorney Dan A. Atkerson can  protect your rights.

Disability discrimination lawyer Dan A. Atkerson in Allen, TX, has protected the rights of disabled employees for decades.

What Is Disability Discrimination?

  • Issues of disability discrimination and workplace discrimination of any kind can cause serious emotional and financial consequences. Both the state of Texas and federal employment law prohibits employers from violating employee rights and from disability discrimination. 
  • If you have dealt with disability discrimination or Family and Medical Leave Act violation, our attorney, Dan A. Atkerson, may be able to help you seek compensation for the harm the discrimination in the workplace has caused you.
  • Contact Mr. Atkerson for a free consultation at his Allen, TX, law firm, located in a small northern suburb of Dallas.

Federal Law Prohibits These Kinds of Disability Discrimination

Verbal Harassment

Denying Job Training

Failure to Promote

Failure to Hire

Denying Raises

Wrongful Termination/Lay Off

Refusal to Provide Special Accommodations (Wheelchair ramp, etc.)

Over 35 Years of Success

If you feel that you or a family member has been a victim of disability discrimination, you may be entitled to compensation. Mr. Atkerson has been a disability discrimination attorney for more than 35 years, and he has helped many clients successfully negotiate with employers. He has also won fair compensation for many of his unfairly treated clients, some of whom worked for powerful Fortune 500 companies. 

Are You a Victim of Disability Discrimination? Schedule a Free Consultation Today 

As your attorney, Mr. Atkerson will listen to your individual case with a friendly, sympathetic ear. He is the kind of disability discrimination lawyer who will treat you like a person, not just another client, and will never rush you off a phone call or out of a meeting at our Dallas-area law firm.

Do you need Mr. Atkerson's personalized attorney services? Contact him for a free consultation at our Allen, TX, law firm using our online form or by calling us anytime.

Lawyer Dan A. Atkerson
Lawyer Dan A. Atkerson

5-Star Reviews from Satisfied Clients "...His Help Was a Remedy for Me."


Caron Sneed


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I reached out to Dan Atkerson several months ago completely unsure if he would be able to assist me with my case. I will say that he really was determined to see this through an applied his knowledge and the pressure necessary to arrive at a settlement that was suitable for all. Thanks again Dan!

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Arian H


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Dan is a professional lawyer who knows his job. He spent considerable amount of time, and was very supportive for my wrongful termination and discrimination case. I was disappointed with my company's bullying and discrimination, his help was a remedy for me.

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The Law Offices of Dan A. Atkerson is located in Allen, TX, just west of the Allen Premium Outlets, between Sam Rayburn Tollway (149) and North Central Expressway (75). 

Can I Afford a Lawyer?

Yes, you can. Mr. Atkerson is the kind of lawyer who works on a contingency basis, so you never have to pay him directly. Meaning, if our Dallas-area law firm does not win you a financial settlement, he does not collect any lawyer fees out of that settlement. Bringing your case to successful close is not only in your best interest, but in his as well. 

What Conditions are Considered Disabilities? 

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, any condition that interferes with a person's major life activities, such as walking, seeing, normal bodily functions, etc., can be considered a disability:

  • Blindness or vision impairment
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Wheelchair Confinement
  • Deafness
  • Depression
  • Diabetes or chronic diseases
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Graves’ Disease
  • Learning disability
  • Limited mobility
  • Migraines
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Mental illness
  • Restrictions on lifting
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sleep apnea


Employment discrimination includes cases of disability discrimination. Attorney Dan A. Atkerson has helped numerous employees work through issues with an employer so that they can continue to work while being accommodated for their disabilities. These claims may fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act or in some cases, relate to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

It must be noted, however, that not all employers in North Texas are required to abide by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA) or FMLA laws. Contact us for more information.


Retain Lawyer Dan A. Atkerson to be your advocate.

Disabled employees have rights that our Allen, TX, law firm can help to protect.

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Martin Baltz


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Dan was able to represent me professionally and execute on all of the promises he made. He is a exceptional lawyer and an even better person.

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If you are going through a case of wrongful termination, I strongly recommend the Law Offices of Dan Atkerson to handle your case...I will definitely hire him again if needed.

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The Americans with Disabilities Act

Congress passed the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in 1990. It defines a person with a disability as an individual who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, who has a record of such impairment, or who is regarded as having such an impairment.

Under federal and Texas state employment laws, disability discrimination extends to both employees with disabilities and those treated differently because of a known association with an individual with a disability. This must be enforced if the employer meets the following guidelines:

  • Has 15 or more employees
  • Is an employment agency, labor organization, or state and local government employer

A free consultation with lawyer Dan Atkerson at his Allen, TX, law firm can help employees understand whether their employer’s actions cross the line into disability discrimination and ADA violations of their employee rights.

Disabled Employees Have Rights

Discrimination Law Book
The ADA provides protections for disabled employees. Mr. Atkerson is here to uphold your rights and achieve justice on your behalf.

Federal disability law specifically prohibits disability discrimination in the hiring, firing, advancement, compensation, job training and other employment decisions.

Employers Responsibility: Providing Reasonable Accommodations

Employers should fulfill most reasonable disability accommodations to modify or adjust job duties or work environments to allow workers to perform their essential job duties. However, the employer may not be required to make these reasonable disability employment accommodations if the employer can prove that doing so would then cause undue hardship to the business.

The ADA requires an employer to make reasonable accommodation for a qualified worker with a disability in three ways:

The ADA requires an employer to make reasonable accommodation for a qualified worker with a disability in three ways,
The ADA requires an employer to make reasonable accommodation for a qualified worker with a disability in three ways,

Application Assistance

Provide equal opportunity in the application process. This includes assisting the potential employee in completing the application or providing application alternatives, such as Braille applications.

Job Function Assistance

Enable the qualified individual with a disability to perform the essential functions of the job. This includes changing work schedules or modifying duties.

Provide Reasonable Accommodations

Enable the employee with a disability to enjoy the benefits and privileges of employment, such as removing obstructions, adding a wheelchair ramp or reserving handicapped parking.
These are just a few examples of possible reasonable accommodations. However, reasonable accommodations are by no means limited to this list. The employee with a disability should first initiate the request for reasonable accommodation and then engage the employer in an interactive process to identify these reasonable accommodations. Contact lawyer Dan A. Atkerson today with any questions or concerns.
Dan Atkerson

Law Offices of Dan A. Atkerson

Dan A. Atkerson has been protecting the rights of North Texas employees for over nearly four decades. He is affiliated with several prestigious legal organizations, including: 

  • United States Court of Appeals Fifth Circuit
  • State Bar of Texas
  • Texas Supreme Court and all Texas trial and appellate courts 
  • Texas federal courts for the Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
  • State Bar of Texas
  • Dallas Bar Association 

Through aggressive, knowledgeable representation, he has helped clients all over the state reach significant verdicts and settlements. To schedule your free consultation at our law firm, request an appointment online or call us at (214) 383-3606.

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