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Workplace Discrimination Based On Religion

Discrimination Laws Prohibit Employers From Taking Negative Actions Against North Texas Employees Due To Their Beliefs

Dallas religious discrimination lawyer for discrimination cases based off religion

According to federal and Texas discrimination laws, religious discrimination in the workplace occurs when an employer or colleague discriminates against or harasses you because of your religious beliefs, from organized religion to informal or new faiths. Employers have a duty to make reasonable accommodations for, not impose upon or take negative actions against you because of, your religious practices. Religion, as defined by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, encompasses all aspects of observing your beliefs. This includes the ability to wear religious garb and the observance of religious holidays. Prohibiting an employee from observing his or her religious practices may qualify as workplace discrimination and be in violation of discrimination laws.

Collin County religious discrimination lawyer Dan A. Atkerson is dedicated to upholding discrimination laws. He fights for clients who experienced unwarranted workplace discrimination because of their religious beliefs. Did you experience religious discrimination at work? Were you terminated because of your beliefs? Do you work in a hostile work environment? If you answered yes to any of these, take advantage of his free consultation by calling (214)383-3606.

Examples of Religious Discrimination at Work

Employees with or without religious affiliations receive protection under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This ensures certain employee rights under the law in connection with your religion if it will not significantly hinder business operations. A North Dallas employment lawyer can help you understand whether your employer or colleagues engaged in religious discrimination.

Common examples of religious discrimination in Dallas workplaces include:

  • Scheduling you to work on an established religious holiday or days reserved for religious observance if you provided advance notice, such as the Sabbath
  • Forcing you to abide by a dress code that prohibits you from wearing religious garments, including kippahs and turbans
  • Not allowing certain hairstyles or facial hair connected with your religious beliefs
  • Refusing to provide breaks during particular work hours, so that you may complete daily devotional practices
  • Derogatory remarks and other workplace harassment concerning your religion by coworkers or management

Discrimination against your religious beliefs also means that your employer cannot make it mandatory to participate in other religious practices. It is a violation of your civil rights if your involvement in a Christmas party or other holiday celebration is mandatory to keep your job.

How Can Religious Discrimination Affect Texas Employment Decisions?

Religious discrimination can affect many aspects of your life and work. For example, discrimination based on your religion may influence:

  • Gaining employment
  • Receiving a demotion
  • Being passed over for promotions
  • Undesirable changes to assignments
  • Wrongful termination

It is important to gather as much evidence as possible of any harassment you receive at work because of your religion. This will help provide validity and strength to your potential discrimination claimDiscuss your claims with our lawyer now.

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