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What Questions Should You Ask Potential Employment Attorneys?

No matter what is prompting you to seek the help of an attorney, choosing the right one is a crucial decision. Most people just choose a lawyer that is either friend, family, or friend of family. But what if you want to consider someone outside of your circle? What questions would you ask potential employment attorneys to determine which of them was your best option? The Best Questions to Ask Potential Employment Attorneys Have you handled a case like this before? – It’s important to get a good idea of the idea of cases an attorney generally handles. You want to be sure that an attorney’s area of focus is in line with your case. It’s also a great idea here to follow up with asking about his track record in similar cases. What will the fees be for representation? – This is an obvious question, but it is important…
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Whistleblower Awarded $51 Million for Reporting Bribes and Kickbacks

Recently, a former employee of the medical equipment company, Olympus Corporation of the Americas, was awarded $51 million after he reported that the company had been using illegal methods to sell products. It was revealed during the course of the case that Olympus had been offering bribes and kickbacks to doctors and other hospital personnel in order to boost their sales. John Slowik, the former employee and whistleblower in this case, had worked for Olympus for 20 years, and was fired shortly after being appointed as the company’s first compliance officer. Most large companies have compliance officers, and their job is to ensure that the company is operating inside the law at all times. It is notable, then, that Olympus had no compliance department until Slowik’s appointment in 2009, and that they subsequently fired him for pointing out the company’s illegal selling practices. What is a Whistleblower and What Do…
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Drive for Uber? Know Your Employee Rights (and They May Be Changing Soon)!

Traditionally, the workforce is made up of two kinds of people: independent contractors and regular employees. What about the employee rights of people who drive for Uber, or work for any of the dozens of on-demand services? They aren’t hired on for a specific job or period of time like a contractor. But they aren’t really full employees either. The idea of Uber and other services like it is that workers can accept the jobs they want and work only the hours they want, provided that there is a demand at that time. Since these companies are built on the fact that people want certain things as quickly as possible, and that demand always fluctuates, it makes very little business sense to have employees working traditional hours. If they did, they might be waiting around doing nothing for several of those hours until someone logs onto the app and requests…
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