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If you were recently terminated, it is essential that your severance contract can cover your needs. Attorney Dan A. Atkerson can help negotiate.

Are You Asking for Enough When Negotiating Your Severance?

Fox news will allegedly give ex-employee Bill O’ Reilly up to $25 million after firing him amid multiple harassment claims. They also gave ex-CEO Roger Ailes 40 million after he left after harassment charges as well. These severance payments may seem excessive, but their employee contracts promised a full years pay. Severance packages will not apply to most employees, but if you have one in your employment contract, the employer must legally abide to the terms in it. Negotiating your severance package can seem intimidating, and it is an easy situation to leave the job with less than you should have received. Keep reading below for some severance negotiation tactics. What to Ask Yourself When Negotiating Your Severance Should I wait to sign? Waiting to sign a severance agreement is a good plan to see if you can negotiate a better plan in due time. Also, avoiding cashing checks with…
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