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Some employers may violate ERISA by denying you important benefits. Dallas labor law attorney Dan A. Atkerson can help.

What is ERISA and How Does It Protect Your Employer Benefits?

ERISA is the Employee Retirement Income Security Act enacted in 1974. It places a set of rules and regulations on employer benefit plans, including retirement pensions and healthcare coverage. In recent years, we have seen many retirement pensions and other benefits disappear, leaving many hard workers confused and without enough funds to get them through life. Employers are not required to offer retirement benefits and healthcare plans, but if they do, they must adhere to these regulations. Keep reading below to learn if your employment coverage plans are up to code. What Does ERISA Do? It makes sure you understand the plan: ERISA states that an employer must have a clear, detailed documentation of the plan and how it’s funded, so that the employee knows what to expect and where that money is coming from. Check your plans for discrepancies in the documentation. It makes sure your employer is a…
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