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Defamation is an umbrella term for libel and slander

What If Your Employer Spreads Lies About You?

Some employers or co-workers may have something against you, or may just be crazy, so they will spread lies about you. Whether it is at your current job, or from a reference from a former employer, a hurtful lie that damages your reputation can cause much suffering. Not only psychological suffering, but financial as well. When someone spreads hurtful misinformation about you to a third-party, it is known as defamation. What Are the Two Types of Defamation? Libel: Recorded or written lies that damage someone’s image. Tangible documents like Phone conversations and emails. Slander: Verbally spoken lies to another co-worker or other party. For defamation to be illegal, it needs to be more severe than a schoolyard rumor. The damage to someone’s reputation needs to have caused serious personal or monetary damages. In many cases, it needs to be proven that another employer didn’t hire you because of the defamation….
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Trump May Want to Sue for Defamation, but Would He Win?

As the presidential campaign season wears on, the candidates are starting to get a little (or a lot) nastier to one another. As it does every four years, the question of how far is too far when it comes to negative ads and commercials has inevitably arisen, this time in the form of a threatened lawsuit. Donald Trump has said that he wants to sue fellow Republican candidate Ted Cruz for defamation based on one of the ads that Cruz is currently running. So can Trump sue for defamation? And does he have any chance of actually winning that case? Defamation Lawsuits: What You Need to Know Defamation is sometimes a tricky thing to pin down, especially since freedom of speech is guaranteed to all as a constitutional right. The general definition is that defamation is any statement that harms the reputation of someone else. The statement has to be…
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The Difference Between Water Cooler Talk and Defamation

Haters gonna hate. But never forget that if a hater says something that hurts your reputation, or even worse, if they publish something damaging, then you may have a case for defamation. Defamation comes in two forms: slander, which is when somebody says something false about you that harms your reputation, and libel, which is when somebody writes something false about you. There are some states that do not require that you make a distinction and just bundle them together legally under the term defamation. To win a defamation suit you have to prove that the statement that is published, false, damaging, and unprivileged. “Published” is a wider category than you may think as far as the legal system is concerned. It includes statements written, pictured, made on film or radio, in email chains, in social media, and even in conversations that were loud enough to have made a lasting…
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